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The Gender Pay GAP and Driving Instructors


“Brought out the pink Lamborghini just to race with Chyna, brought the wraith to China just to race in China” –Nicki Minaj, Rake it Up (good song, btw).


A very random start, I know, but all will make sense once you have downloaded this blog into your brain, and especially if you’re of #TheCulture. Anyway sha, I was pointed in the direction of an excellently presented study (http://www.reddrivingschool.com/wp-content/uploads/RED-White-Paper.pdf) on the benefits of having a career as a driving instructor, which I found had some very intriguing findings with regards to the very recent gender pay debate. Leggo!



The numbers:


Women are earning more than men in this industry! Furthermore, women are earing more than their male counterparts, despite working marginally fewer hours than them. According to this RED study, female driving instructors earn £1.37 more per hour. To put it in broader terms, female driving instructors are working an average of 29.2 hours per week (per week) and earn £25.84 per hour, whereas male driving instructors work an average of 29.4 hours per week and earn £24.47 per hour. The gender wage gap in the UK currently stands at around 9% in favour of men (a stat I do not like whatsoever but that’s for another blog/podcast).


Female instructors have recently experienced an increase in their pay. The average hourly rate has increased by almost 11% over the last year–mo' money, less problems for the ladies dem. If you look at earnings per week, women also outdo the lads; earning £754.53 per week–£35.00 more than men!



How is this happening?



Women are now working more than before, and the flexible working schedule allows them to benefit. In the last 40+ years, more women are working than before; meanwhile the number of men in employment is falling. According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of women in full employment rose from 57% in 1971 to 70% early on this year. The flexible nature of being a driving instructor allows women to be able to juggle their family commitments and still earn a living. This can also be reflected when you look at ‘millennials’ (God, I hate that term). The pay gap between men and women in their twenties has actually halved from previous generations to 5%. This is significantly higher for men and women in their thirties and forties, which can be attributed to women having children and taking time off work. But again, working as a driving instructor with a company like RED can mean flexibility in working arrangements, which can offset the impact on earnings of that lifestyle. For example, 93% of driving instructors have good job satisfaction. Compare that with job satisfaction in more male-dominated industries like banking...LOL.


Year on year, the weekly gross income for women instructors has been shooting right up–a whopping 19.5%!!!! When you contrast that with the 2.7% increase for male instructors, it is no wonder we are witnessing the role reversal in terms of gender pay in the driving industry. Moreover, with 54% of driving instructors expecting their pay to continue to increase, with current RED driving instructors earning almost £40,000 on average, I would not be surprised to see an increased interest in this sector from women; it satisfies work/life balance requirements and good cash money can be made.



So, there you have it; an industry that provides flexibility in working arrangements has produced rather different results in terms of gender wage gap stuffs! I intend on examining a variety of industries and comparing the findings! Let me know what you think. 



God bless!